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Courtesy of ManhattanSociety.com By Gregory Partanio

Danielle Staub may not have to worry any longer about Kevin Maher's defamation suit now that they've settled. But the allegations contained in her autobiography, The Naked Truth, could still land her back in court.

That's because her ex-hubby is now taking aim at the book's publisher, suing Simon & Schuster for publishing what he considers untruths, especially her portrayal of him as "a crazed animal" who beat the now banished Real Housewives of New Jersey star for hours when they were married.

And there's more.

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"[Simon & Schuster] allowed the authorship, publication and distribution to the nationwide public of false and defamatory statements," states the suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Maher is referring specifically to claims that he "had beaten Ms. Staub for hours like a crazed animal."

He's seeking $10 million in damages.

"This time around, I don't have to prove anything. Simon & Schuster was warned back in February of this year that if they printed any lies about me we would sue," Maher told E! News in an exclusive interview. 

"They claim in their book I beat this woman and went to prison—that's an outright lie that they cannot prove. Therefore, I will win and they will lose."

And while the publisher is his target, he's not going to spare his ex any collateral damage.

"One more thing, Danielle Staub is going to be one of the first to be deposed in this lawsuit. I guarantee that the worst day of Danielle Staub's life will be the day of her deposition, a day in which she will have to choose to either continue lying, and go to jail, or tell the truth, and I win."

Maher sued Staub for defamation back in August, demanding $5 million from the reality star by claiming he was, among other things, a drug addict, rapist and dog killer.

They eventually settled in October before the case went to trial, or Staub could be deposed.

Neither a rep for Simon & Schuster nor Staub could be reached for comment on Maher's latest suit.

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