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Dear Ted:
I used to be a Jolie-Pitt hater. I mean, I really, really hated them. But now I really like them. It seems the more people attack them, the more I like them. What is happening to me?

Dear Convert:
Switching over to the dark side are we? We have to agree that this whole homewrecking thing is old news. It's time to move on. I mean, Jennifer Aniston has, so why shouldn't the rest of us? Well, except for Miss Chelsea Handler, who is hanging onto Ange's worst moment for dear life. And we can't blame her. (Her stand-up was quite hilarious in an inappropriate way). Still, this isn't the first time Chels has badmouthed Brange's big-time mama bear. We're all entitled to our own opinion—and not to mention our own frenemies—so you've got no bad blood with us, hon!

Dear Ted:
What do you think of Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene living together? In Touch magazine says she gave him the keys to her place, and there are plenty of pics and fans spotting Joe leaving and arriving at her place in odd hours.

Dear Cling to those Keys:
These two are seemingly serious, yes, but believe Joe is more of a frequent visitor than permanent houseguest.

Dear Ted:
I read about Josh Duhamel's diva antics on the plane and I was totally bummed because I thought he was a nice guy. Is this normal behavior for stars, but we just never see it? If so, how can anyone stand to work for them? I guess this is great motivation for people close to them who give you and gossip mags insider info! Also, does this mean Fergie is cool with this, or does she behave like this too? Why is she staying with him? I'm really starting to believe that he cheated on her.

Dear Duhamel Dummy:
Duhamel getting deplaned is no surprise to us, because we can totally see him giving a sexy stewardess some ‘tude. We're just hoping it was Fergie he was sending messages to at the last minute—catch my drift? As for his woman, we'd like to think Fergs was cool, but with the stunt her bodyguard pulled at the AMA's, we're thinking she might be more high maintenance than we thought. What a duo!

Dear Ted:
Is Lucretia Johnson Mandy Moore ? Her acting skills are questionable, but I haven't noticed her looking bloated lately.

Dear Blanking on the B.V.:
This would have been a good guess about 10 years ago, but sorry, not Ms. No Moore. She's ancient news. Not to mention, she's got zippo Vice in her life.

Dear Ted:
Just writing in for the first time ever to say that I am so proud of actress Amber Heard for coming out publicly. I am sure that you share the sentiment as well. With her status as a sex symbol do you think this will change the environment for the better for other sex symbols to follow in her footsteps?

Dear Welcome Aboard:
We're proud of the babe too! Amber is setting the example we've been begging all of Hollywood's closeted celebs to follow. If you're hiding from who you are, what makes all your fans gain the courage to be who they are? Take note and do as Amber did, the rest of you! Plus, she looked damn good doing it too!

Dear Ted:
Does Ashton Kutcher have a Blind Vice?

Dear Are You for Serious?
He's got Blind Vice Superstar status, doncha know?

Dear Ted:
I was wondering about the whole Jake Gyllenhaal  and Taylor Swift showmance. It just seems way too adorable and sweet, lovey-dovey. Are they really into each other, or is this strictly business?

Dear Horoscope Says:
Let's put it this way: Jaw to the floor that these two are still cavorting around together. It looks like if it's up to any higher power, aside from us, Jake and Taylor may just make it through the long haul. We'll admit the two are a cute match, but the cheesy photo op dates aren't helping their case against any nonbelievers. It's time to switch up the scene, you two, before this fairy tale turns into even more of a media nightmare!  

Dear Ted:
Is Lea Michele still friends with Dianna Agron? What about the other Glee girls? BTW, my lovable lab, Carson, gives kisses!

Dear Frisky Friends:
You'd have to be on pretty OK terms to get half naked for a GQ spread if you ask me. The two seem friendly enough, but wouldn't be surprised if by next season they're duking it out for the Glee gal spotlight. It's too bad Dianna doesn't stand a chance against Lea's voice.

Dear Ted:
There seem to be rumors going around that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are a thing now. Is there any truth to that? Or is there another guy on Selena's mind?

Dear Teeny-Bopper Dreamer:
My crystal gossip ball says: hell no. But then again, this could be another young-love PR stunt, since the tweens, and their managers, are all about it. Either way, these too are way too puppy-dog-looking to ever get serious. What is serious though is Selena's skin and bones. That chick needs a burger before she joins the rest of Hollywood's fierce females—not feelin', it Ms. Gomez, and we're big fans of yours!

Dear Ted:
What is the deal with Stephenie Meyer? I just listened to her commentary on the Eclipse DVD, and she actually mentioned that hateful, nasty letters to the Twilight site? If that isn't hypocritical I don't know what is. I know she's not the best writer in the world but can she read? That LTT site is the birthplace of "" They hate Kristen Stewart and especially the fact that their fantasy boyfriend Robert Pattinson is dating her. I guess we can safely assume Steph Meyer is Robessed and not a fan of K.Stew like the more intelligent people I know.

Dear K.Stew Crusader:
Good to know the doll's got some support, but we're pretty sure Kristen could take the broad any day! Maybe the illiterate author, as you so frankly put it, should keep her eyes peeled for the other starlets loving on her series' leading man. Meyer isn't the only one Robsessed, trust.

Dear Ted:
Did Joe Manganiello have a nose job recently? The pictures prior to his appearance on True Blood show a definite hook to his nose. But recent pictures like the Italian Vanity Fair layout, show a perfectly straight nose. Photoshop or surgery?

Dear Wary of the Werewolf:
How do you even notice Joe's snout with that set of chiseled abs? We'd be quick to question if that chest of his was real or not.

Dear Ted:
You recently said that one of my favorite girls Katy Perry was "naive" when it came to her relaysh with Brit boy Russell Brand. I'm wondering if you have changed your tune about that. Isn't there a possibility she knew exactly what she was getting into? After hearing about her all over John Mayer, pre-Russell, makes me think the preacher's kid is living up to the reputation. Still think she's a saint?

Dear Bang that Bag o' Bones:
Same tune, but I've always said she knew exactly what she was getting into. We all know Katy is not the epitome of a preacher's daughter, what with her kissing girls and barely there lolli-outfits. K.P.'s sass makes her Team Truth's saint, but that gullible California girl getup needs to go!

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