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With the Twilight cast spending all that time in Baton Rouge, La., filming scenes for the much anticipated Breaking Dawn, you'd best believe there is some major bonding going on—aside from the sizzling heat wave Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's honeymoon make-out snap shots are generating!

But there is one castmate whose red-hot hobbies are spreading through the southern set even faster than Robsten's semi-sexual love scenes:

Kellan Lutz may be single, but he is not quite ready to mingle...unless it's with his über-tight castmates!

"I love Baton Rouge," the lusty Lutz, who worked on the movie The Killing Game in the city, told us at the DVD release party sponsored by Eclipse gum. "It wasn't as chaotic then as it is now with all the Twilight cast here. I'm the tour guide for a lot of my castmates."

Embracing all the chaos, Kellan admits he is exposing his friends to one of his fave hobbies: "I love to bowl," the Twi-stud ‘fessed. "There are some really great bowling alleys. And there's a place that has mini go-carts." 

Who knew the Cullens enjoyed sports aside from baseball?

Kid-at-heart Kellan, who just recently split from 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord, didn't neglect to hint that he loves a girl who's got a mean stroke. No gutter balls allowed, sorry ladies!

The hunk, who plays Emmett Cullen in the vampire series (in case you've been living under a boulder these past few years), says there is one girl he will always have a soft spot for:

"Ashley [Greene]'s been my best friend forever," he said. "It's really awesome to work with a best friend you already have the chemistry—you already have the connection."

Touché, Kellan! Working with your BFF must be a blast, but we wouldn't be surprised if you two strayed from the rest of the group for some one-on-one activities.

We kid! Don't get your JoBro panties in a bunch. These two vamps are strictly friends, especially since Ashley and her BF, Joe Jonas, are rumored to be moving in together and talking marriage.

Not that it matters to Lutz, since he's so into Ash's relaysh with her boy toy, calling Joe "one of the guys." Plus, he's too busy working out his movie schedule (and those sexy muscles) to be on a serious prowl for a new GF!

"There are a lot of action movies on the burner right now, and it's just about figuring out which ones the one to go after," said Lutz, who has three other movies aside from Twilight under his belt. "I've been doing a lot of martial arts, jujitsu."

Just what we love, a man who can fight his way out of tricky breakup! Should give him the upper hand with that Volturi, no?

Additional reporting by Ivana Dukanovic

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