Bristol Palin has some fighting words for Keith Olbermann.

After the MSNBC anchor dubbed her his "Worst Person in the World" this week for what he called Palin's hypocrisy—an unwed teen mother preaching abstinence education as an "ambassador" for the Candies Foundation—the Dancing With the Stars finalist offered her own scorching special comment defending her payday spokesperson credentials.

Lamestream media be damned!

"Accusing me of hypocrisy is by now, an old canard. What Mr. Olbermann lacks in originality he makes up for with insincere incredulity," Palin unleashed on her Facebook page in a long, scathing post that sounds suspiciously like it was ghostwritten by one of her mom's political cronies. ("Canard"? Seriously? Color us skeptical of Bristol's authorship, especially when her typical Facebook post is teeming with "awesome" verbiage).

At the center of Olbermann's rant was the ultra-hokey public service announcement Sarah Palin's kid did with fellow DWTS contestant The Situation for Candies in which he asked her if she "ever had a situation with The Situation," a commercial that's been satirized plenty already (see The Daily Show).

"Sadly, it's not a spoof done by The Onion," cracked Olbermann. "She's the Candies spokesperson for abstinence? She and her son? Because it's got to work this time? This is like saying George Bush kept us safe except for that 9-11 thing, which doesn't count."

That didn't sit well with Bristol.

"Mr. Olbermann fails to understand that in order to have credibility as a spokesperson, it sometimes takes a person who has made mistakes," wrote Palin. "Parents warn their children about the mistakes they made so they are not repeated. Former gang members travel to schools to educate teenagers about the risks of gang life. Recovered addicts lecture to others about the risks of alcohol and drug abuse. And yes, a teen mother talks about the benefits of preventing teen pregnancy."

As for topping his Worst Person's list, she wore the label almost as a badge of honor.

"I have never claimed to be perfect. If that makes me the 'worst person in the world' to Mr. Olbermann, then I must apologize for not being absolutely faultless like he undoubtedly must be," she wrote.

And while sticks and stones may break her bones, an Olbermann diatribe will never hurt Mama Grizzly's No. 1 cub.

"To Mr. Olbermann let me say this: you can attack me all you want. But you will not stop me from getting my message out about teen pregnancy prevention," Bristol continued. "And one day, if you ever have a daughter, you may change your mind about me."

(We'll call it right here: doubtful.)

For his part, Olbermann did not comment on air about Palin's attack. However he did hit back briefly via Twitter when asked about it by a fan.

"So what if she's leading to more teenage pregnancies by pushing abstinence-only, which DOES... NOT... WORK," the Countdown host tweeted.

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