Blind vice group sex

Jackie Bouffant certainly keeps us guessing. This young-ish star has girls (and guys) everywhere drooling over him, with talent to back up his amazing smile.

But perhaps his best acting work to date is hiding his past: Before he hooked up with his very famous significant other, Jackie was more into guys than chicks. And he's working very hard at possibly kicking his gay habit:

The Perp: Jackie Bouffant

Primary Vice: Closeted celeb

Blind Bio: Idolized guy who has been involved with men and women. He had a semi-serious boyfriend, Frank Dangerfield (a practically out Z-List actor) but once Jackie's star power rose, he ditched the dude for a famous and gorg girlfriend. Now we've learned dabbling in drugs isn't the only (other) secret Jackie has been hiding. He's now stepping out on his beard, and you'll never guess who with.

Starred In:

One Young and Not-So-Confused Blind Vice
Bonus Blind! Which Young Star's X-tra Naughty?

And It Ain't:

Channing Tatum, Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Kellan Lutz, Nick Jonas

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