Don't you just hate it when you accidentally kill someone and activate a centuries-old curse that turns you into a werewolf?

What? That's never happened to you? Well, it's happened to Michael Trevino's Tyler on the CW's crazy-good Vampire Diaries, and he's got some big episodes on the way (starting tonight!), along with the show's new resident vampire Candice Accola (Caroline). They both tackled some burning Q's on what lies ahead:

"The episode [tonight] is called 'Sacrifice,'" Michael says. "Tyler and Caroline, they take a little journey into the cave and find something—it's a little information about Mason." He reminds us that as of this point, Tyler has no idea Damon killed his uncle Mason. "He's still in the dark. He's thinking Uncle Mason just left town and went to Florida."

Next week is Tyler's huge episode, in which he turns—and not in a fun sort of pirouette way. He's getting all wolfy for the first time. "Dec. 9 is our transformation episode, which I can't say anything about," Michael tells me pointedly.

Right. OK. Well, a few hoodoo-voodoo Jedi mind tricks later, and I got Michael to pony up this: "We shot the transformation over two days...All I can say is it doesn't happen really quick, this transformation. It's long and it's painful and it's bad. Poor Tyler, he just goes to hell and back. It's rough, but I think you're going to like it. As far as prosthetics and CGI, I think it's good, it's top-notch. They didn't waste a penny on it, that's for sure, they didn't go the cheap route, and I think it's going to look really good."

Sounds like some good TV! And if my Scooby senses are tingling properly, there might be something in the works for Tyler and Caroline too—romantically speaking.

"Obviously it's a giant transformation for Caroline's life to become supernatural," Candice tells me. "And Tyler is going through a similar transformation, and so they can kind of bond on this new part of their life, which they really couldn't bond on anything else before. So it's created a lovely parallel for a great friendship." (…With benefits?)

"It would be interesting, right?" Michael muses of a Tyler-Caroline mashup. "Because of the whole dynamic that a werewolf bite can kill and end a vampire. If it's a full moon, you can't control yourself, because werewolves always initially go after vampires. So that'd be kind of crazy."

OK, so maybe it's not the best idea in the world.

So what about that fan speculation that Stefan and Caroline are getting a bit too close for comfort? Could those two characters be hooking up soon, now that he's a solo agent (sob!)? Candice sidestepped that very (direct) question with this "answer" (sneaky girl): "I think Stefan realized that Caroline did need a mentor because she doesn't really have anyone to turn to, and Damon did try to kill her. So I think that he just wants to give back and help...I'm excited to see where all of these new friendships are going to go. "


Now check out my exclusive video interviews above for more scoop on all things TVD, and the answers to some of the questions you fans have been asking!

The Vampire Diaries airs tonight on the CW.

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