Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller may be filming a reality show together, but it's clear which one of them is the star.

Take last night, for instance. In Hilton's typically understated fashion, the girls headed to Las Palmas in Paris' Pink Bentley with their camera crew in tow.

And while paps went crazy for Paris and security escorted her inside through the throng, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife was left behind...

"Where's Brooke?" P shouts, as she ducks inside the club.

"I'm here, baby!" Brooke yells from the sidewalk, as she makes her way in alone. "Paris!"

Although the girls arrived together, Paris left without Brooke, instead catching a ride with her boyfriend Cy Waits in his black Bentley. 

Brooke stayed later and got chaffeured home solo in a hybrid SUV.

She might want to get used to being second fiddle if she's going to continue hanging out with Paris—just saying!

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