Blind Vice Single Guy

Open wide, because this vice is a wet one!

Fernando Tinkle-Treat is a face you've been seeing around a lot lately (and it's a pretty gorgeous one at that). He's been hitting the media circuit, big-time, peddling his recent project where he also happens to be peddling his family-man shtick, too. They sorta go hand in hand.

But, as Hollywood tales go, there's something Fernando's not telling everybody.

Hint: Super Duper-Cooper totally approves...

Not only is Fernando stepping out on his babe, but he's getting his super-massive kinky wet on when he does it!  

Yep, we are talking about golden showers, people.

We hear from a source that was more than willing to um, go there, with Fernando that Mr. F really gets his little tinkle-treat going when he urinates on whomever he is bedding at said time.

And it's pee or bust.

No bladder bedroom session, no bone session. Kapesh? After all, if Tinkle is risking stepping out on the ball and chain, it's gotta be worth it.

What is it with famous folks like F.T.T and Super Duper-Cooper? We think these civilians (and celebs, mainly in Super's sheets ‘tho) just desperately want one night with them that they are willing to forgo bedroom etiquette.

Team Truth has never felt more prudish in our lives!

Let's just say there is a time and a place to poop or pee, and that's in a toilet. Or an outside venue if popping a squat is way necessary.

And It Ain't: Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber

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