On December 3, The Soup will air its 300th episode, and we want you to help mark the occassion by voting for your favorite Soup moment of all time in the poll below. And, over the course of the week, we'll be highlighting a number of the moments on the list to give you an up-close-and-personal look at them. Today, we're harkening back to the House of Sanjaya sketch...







Sanjaya Malakar. The name, these days, perhaps rings some distant pop culture bell in your oversaturated and ADHD-afflicted brain. But back in 2007, that bell rang loud and clear in your slightly less saturated but still ADHD-afflicted brain. Yes, like a bad case of tinnitus, that bell refused to go unheard. And it had funny hair.

Hence this sketch. Which, by the way, was written by Soup writer Lee Farber. According to legend, but also mainly according to Lee, the "Sanjaya" whisper in the bit is based on the old commercials for the local Los Angeles thai restaurant Chan Dara, which employed the same creepy aural technique.

As for the casting, the star of the sketch is former Soup production assistant Nik Jackson, who, for pigmentation reasons, pretty much had to play the part. Nik, by the way, is also the cousin of our good leader Joel McHale. It's true. Blood cousins. By which we mean Nik, of course, was adopted, but they do both enjoy blood.

Moving on, the guy in the red wig is Soup executive producer/Lou master, Ed Boyd. The jolly fellow in the black wig is E! icon/stage manager Tom McNamara. And the guy in the blond wig is some asshole named Andrew Genser.  

So enjoy the House of Sanjaya, and then participate in the illusion of democracy and vote for your favorite Soup moment. And then tune in December 3 to see the top three. And then, well, then you can do whatever you want.

The Soup 300 Poll
Which is your flat-out favorite moment of all time? Vote now!

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