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Can the Kardashian sisters get in legal or criminal trouble if their MasterCard is ripping people off?
—ThreeWisey, via the inbox

You speak of the prepaid debit kard that, according to the Konnecticut Attorney General, may have charged fees that were not kwite kosher. (Annoying, isn't it?)

The girls have withdrawn their endorsement of the card, and the card itself has been—OK, one last time—kanceled. Still, if you got one of those cards, and you want to see Kim Kardashian in prison stripes...

...good luck.

First of all, nobody's even sure if there was any wrongdoing involving the card in the first place. The Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, has said that users of the Kardashian Kard were charged with fees not normally associated with legitimate debit cards. And Blumenthal said Tuesday that the state is investigating the matter further.

It's not clear whether Blumenthal will call off his investigation now that the card is canceled.

But either way, it's doubtful that the Kardashian sisters will face any serious consequences, either in civil or criminal court. Yes, someone might name them in a civil lawsuit. But the girls would probably have their names removed from it eventually.


Because they probably had nothing to do with the business decisions behind the card—the fact that people were specifically being charged up to $99.95 to activate their cards, plus $7.95 a month after the first year. If Kim had actually dictated such terms, or made day-to-day decisions, that would be different.

"It's unlikely that they had much business involvement if it is a typical licensing deal," says New York defense attorney Stuart P. Slotnick.

"They could be sued, but if it's a standard licensing deal we can suspect they would be dismissed from any complaint."

Or, uh, komplaint.

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