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Sorry, Gleeks. Not much happened in tonight's episode. Nothing to recap, so just move along. Nothing to see here...

Psych! What didn't go down on tonight's episode of Glee? Holy Groff, we've got a lot to cover so let's get to it...

Glee Writers Have Been On The Fan Forums: Emma guessing Will's set list to a T just proved that the writers are either very aware of themselves, or they've been visiting fan sites. We've seen those very complaints all over the net. Welcome to reality, Will.

The Moment Finnchel Fans Have Been Dreading Has Arrived: The reveal that Santana stole Finn's flower last year went down within the first five minutes.  And just like that, Finnchel is on shaky ground, and they never did find their way back to couple-ville. As the episode came to an end, so did Finn and Rachel's relationship. Heartwrenching? Of course. An inevitable plot point? Perhaps. So, who has already started the "Put Finnchel Back Together!" fan page?

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Carl and Emma Forge Ahead; Wemma Stops Cold: Two of them got married. The other two only shared a sweet embrace. And while we wish Will and Carl were the ones who tied the knot (what a twist!) it just didn't happen that way. And now it seems that fans of the curly-haired guy and the red-head might be giving up. Are you still out there Wemma shippers? Keep that hope alive. After all, nothing says "I doubt this decision" like a pained expression on your face as you hug your new husband.

Brittany Has Feelings? Well, we knew Britney Spears taught her confidence. But seeing our precious Brittany S. Pearce looking and feeling vulnerable about her time to shine brought yet another level to our favorite dumb blonde. Ok, maybe not another level. More like a step up from the shallow end of the pool. But how cute was Artie supporting his gal, even with a questionable comb?

That Schue Outburst Was Long Overdue: Oh, snap! Mr. Schuester rips into his own Glee kids TWICE! We're on board with angry Schue. How quickly those guys forget what Glee club is really about. We were glad to see the director of New Directions actually stepping up and being a director. Rachel, as talented as she is, definitely needs an attitude adjustment. As did the rest of the gang, who thankfully pulled it together to rock Sectionals.

We Don't Want To Go Back To A World Before Darren Criss: And now we don't have to. He fills the Jonathan Groff-sized hole in our heart. The Warblers performance of "Hey Soul Sister" still left us grinning like a fool, even though we watched the clip at least 9 times.

Sectionals: Still Goosebump Worthy:  Same venue, same situation, new direction. With Quinn and Sam center stage and Santana grabbing a long-overdue solo, it was like a new glee club. And you know what? We still got chills when that curtain came up. Also, did anyone else think the tying result was a big, fat cop-out? Don't get us wrong, we are more than excited that we'll be getting more performances from The Warblers. So we won't complain, because unless Blaine transfers, the Warblers would have to go on to ensure our weekly Darren dose.  See above statement for our thoughts on our teenage dream continuing to be in our TV lives.


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The Most Expensive Episode Ever: It's the football team's time to shine! Wait, it's also the Cheerios' time to shine! OK, both of them are featured in the sports-centric episode of Glee airing right after the Super Bowl, and it's going to be a big one. A "Thriller" mashup, Katy Perry covers, and Darren Criss. In case you forgot, Darren and Katy go together very,  very well. We hope to hear "Fireworks" from him. You?

Charice Returns: The Super Bowl episode also marks the return of Sunshine, which means we'll probably get to finally see Vocal Adrenaline in action. Yes, we know they're competition for New Directions, but we are in desperate need of some Cheyenne Jackson.

"A Very Glee Christmas": Looks like we'll be taking a break from all the crazy plot turns and drama and we'll be rewarded with Glee-mas cheer! Except for Sue, who is dead set on ruining the holidays. We wouldn't want it any other way. Thankfully, Finn will be doing his part to bring Christmas cheer to the halls of McKinley High. Maybe mistletoe for Rachel? But with the way he left things, we're thinking she'll just get a lump of coal in her ugly-sweater themed stocking.

All couples were tested (save for perfect Sam and Quinn), and very few emerged unscathed. What did you guys think of all the break-ups, shake-ups, and, oh yeah…the Vegas quickie wedding for Carl and Emma? Which number rocked your face off the most? Only one episode left in 2010, so enjoy this while it lasts, fellow Gleeks.

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