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Welcome back to your Glee-Dux, fellow Gleeks! The warm and fuzzy feeling has probably finished settling in the pit of your stomach from the final duet between Kurt and Rachel, so now is the perfect time to soak up everything you watched and anything you might have missed from "Duets."

And we have on good authority to believe that there are some words from Ryan Murphy about the Rocky Horror tribute episode down there. Beware if haven't watched tonight's episode of Glee yet, there be spoilers ahead…


Breadsticks Is The True Star of Glee: That episode was laced with love for that restaurant. And it has been home to some memorable scenes on the show: Brittany's infamous "gay shark" line and the family dinner for the Hummels and the Hudsons, for example. Maybe a tribute episode to Breadsticks is coming up.

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We've Got a Love Nonagon: Tina and Mike being together is hurting Artie, who was wheeling around with Brittany, who was doing that just to make Santana jealous. Plus, Sam is worried Puck and Finn might not be over Quinn, because he's got a crush on her. Got all that? Not sure if any of that will go past this episode, but we know that we wouldn't want an overload of couple drama getting in the way of the singing and dancing. On the upside, the Brittany-Artie debacle let us see a side of Brittany that doesn't involve deadpanning and one-liners.

We Like Chord Overstreet in a Towel: That's all we have to say about that.

"Britana" Is Real: Well, as real as it gets when Santana runs into Brittany's arms because Puck is under lockdown. By the way, what do you make of the storyline that left Mark Salling absent for the entire episode? And possibly beyond?

Our Rewind Moment: Mike and Tina's duet! So many kudos to Harry Shum Jr. and Jenna Ushkowitz for memorizing that whole routine and flat out smashing it to bits when performing it. If that doesn't warrant a playback, we don't know what does.

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Our WTF? Faces Got a Workout: Finn and Rachel's duet, though planned to be inappropriate, still warranted some "Is this happening?" looks from us. If you could twitpic your reaction to that number and tweet it @KristinDSantos, that'd be great. We could start a collection!

Paging Kurt's New Love Interest: Darren Criss, your entrance has been set up quite nicely with Kurt's monologue to his recovering dad about being the "only openly gay kid at school". Ryan Murphy told us before that Darren's "becomes Kurt's mentor and then maybe love," so it looks like Kurt won't be so lonely anymore when he comes to McKinley High.

Quinn and Sam Get WWK's Stamp of Approval: It's hard to ignore the chemistry and overall cuteness between the head cheerleader and the new QB, despite Sam having pretty much zero game beyond Matthew McConaughey impressions. We have to agree with Santana: "So freakin' charming." Since Chord is officially not a love interest for Kurt, then we really hope this blond power duo has what it takes to make it. And by make it, we mean last longer than two episodes. He did reveal a secret to her, after all. That should count for something.


A Rocky Horror Halloween episode! That's what lies ahead. I mean, just check this photo of John Stamos rocking a pretty fierce ensemble and try not to get excited. Go on, I dare you!

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Murphy tells us about the episode: "All the boys [are] quaking in fear that they will have to wear the gold lamé Rocky shorts." Plus, that episode will also be a treat for Will and Emma fans, but there might be a trick that goes along with that treat. Or as Ryan simply put it:  "More Will and Emma and Carl!" It is, after all, Emma's newfound love for Rocky Horror that leads Will to have New Directions perform the cult classic at the annual school musical. Ahhh, The things you do for love.

For Charice fans, there just ain't no sunshine when she's gone. But here is a piece of good news: According to a report from, Charice will be back sooner than expected! Previously, we thought Sunshine wouldn't pop back up until episode seven, the same episode that Gwyneth Paltrow is starting her guest spot. Now, it appears Rachel's new nemesis will be in episode six, which has a rumored titled of "Never Been Kissed." Charice kept mum on what songs she's already recorded, but she did reveal that she has not recorded any Céline Dion songs.

Most importantly, we'll be talking to the "Lucky" man himself, Chord Overstreet tomorrow, so if you have questions for him that do not pertain to how he gets his lips so full and sumptuous, you know where to leave them.

What did you all think of the duets tonight? Which pair was your favorite?

(Originally published Oct. 12, 2010, at 7:54 p.m. PT)

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