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UPDATE: Parada has been ordered to stand trial on one count of attempted residential burglary. Arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 28.

Paris Hilton is trying to stay out of the spotlight, but she may have a mandatory public appearance coming up.

A source tells E! News that Paris and her boyfriend Cy Waits will likely be called to testify as witnesses against Nathan Lee Parada, the alleged knife-wielding intruder who showed up at her house last month. (Cy had been there and held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.)

The preliminary trial date was supposed to be set today in a Van Nuys court, but was delayed until Oct. 20 because Parada was just assigned to a new public defender.

In the meantime, Paris is very much enjoying her time away from the scene. Here's how:

Paris skipped the VMAs and Fashion Week for the first time in more than a decade after her Vegas arrest, and the heiress is currently content with her low-key life.

"She's actually enjoying laying low," sources close to Paris tell me. "As bad as this whole experience has been, she feels like everything happens for a reason, and that it really made her slow down and appreciate life."

And while she's skipping the clubs and social circuit, she did return to Vegas yesterday to attend to some very important business...

Paris took a day trip to get her hair done at Color Salon by her friend Michael Boychuck.

But she's already back in L.A., where's she been happily cooking, renting movies and taking care of her pets with Waits.

"She finally feels like an adult and doesn't miss the clubs or party scene," sources say. "She's turned down lots of offers to host parties."

She's also been focusing on her work. Last week, she had meetings for her new nail and eyelash lines.

"In a design meeting with my team from Elegant Touch going over designs for my new false eyelash and nail lines. They look fabulous! Loves it," she posted on her Twitter.

In the meantime, Cy is also considering his next career move. Insiders says he's had offers from clubs in L.A., Vegas, New York and even Asia.

Despite the incident, Cy has "an impeccable reputation running nightclubs and making them tons of money," our source says. "He's taking meetings over the next few months and deciding how to proceed."

—Additional reporting by Soo Youn


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