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We're all for equal opportunity reinvention—the ladies can do it, so why not the fellas?

Of course, not even Madonna's geisha phase or that one ill-advised time Taylor Swift lost her curls combined were as jarring to the senses as these dudes' transformations. That's right, people. It's that serious.

First up is 50 Cent, who flipped the script and took that whole starving artist thing to an entirely different level. A gaunt and hungry-eyed one, if you ask us.

The rapper who's as much known for his beefy physique and penchant for shirtlessness as his actual music has slimmed drastically down. Like, 54 pounds down.

No vanity project, the rapper went on a liquid diet and took three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for more than two months in order to protray a football player diagnosed with cancer in his upcoming movie, Things Fall Apart.

Who knew Fiddy was so Method?

As for the other musical chameleon, maybe it was the prospect of working with Lindsay Lohan that got to him.

Willie Nelson has done the unthinkable (no, he's still smoking those) and, after getting stuck in a decades-long look rut, lopped off his luscious (we're feeling generous) ever braided locks to rock a bob in what he's deemed "the haircut heard around the world."

Who knew Willie was such a fan of Posh?

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