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Why is it Miley Cyrus gets trashed for inappropriate fashion, but Taylor Momsen, who is a year younger, gets called a fashionista?
—MC, U.K., via the Answer B!tch inbox

Really? Fashionista? Go ahead and Google "Taylor Momsen" along with—and don't forget the quotes—"hot mess." You'll get about 78,000 results. And having that many associations with the term "hot mess," even if you are on Gossip Girl, does not a true fashionista make.

But, yes, the two are treated differently, and the reason is all about Miley Cyrus:

There is not a single reliable reference out there—not one—of Momsen even trying to cultivate a religious good-girl image.

You will find nary one report indicating that Momsen loves Jesus or reads the Bible in her spare time or is a family-type girl.

You will find many, many such references surrounding Miley Cyrus.

So when Cyrus spends a few seconds with a stripper pole, or poses in a Vanity Fair shoot that makes her look half-nekkid, or does a video in little more than a black rubber leotard-looking thing and some bird feathers, people are going to call her out.

Not for being a teenage slut, either, but for being a hypocrite.

For the record, by the way, Momsen does get flack for her goth-lite image.

"It just depends on what you consider dark, you know?" she said in a recent Associated Press interview. "I think some people think I'm a Satan worshipper or something."

We get waaay deeper into this, and plenty of other celeb mysteries, in my new podcast.

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