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The confetti has been thrown. And the record deals have been signed. American Idol season nine has officially come to a close.

Whether you picked "DeWyze" or phoned in for "MamaSox" to win it all, both winner Lee and runner-up Crystal want fans to know their music is coming to your faces soon. And possibly a pairing of the newly single Crystal and the blue-eyed everyman? A pairing of the romantic persuasion?

"Oh, no! That wouldn't happen," Crystal quickly says when asked if she'd ever go for Lee. "He is like a brother to me. I love him dearly, but not that way." That's probably a good thing, seeing as fan girls everywhere would either implode from the awesome Idol pairing, or cry themselves to sleep over the fact that Lee was off the market.

While there will be no love match between the two, Crystal repeatedly mentioned Lee's hard work over the season and how he deserved to win, even going as far to say she knew that he was going to win "I woke up on Wednesday morning and I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and acceptance. And I had this strange feeling inside of me that Lee was going to win. And I was OK with that."

She continues on to say she was just "rolling with the punches" in terms of the break up and that while her ex Tony is a "great guy," she really isn't worried about all that right now.

What she is concentrating on is putting out an album. "I've actually got a meeting next week!" she chirps happily. "I'm ready to start working and get this underway." We can only assume that Crystal fans are just as ready for that album to crank out, an album she says will be full of "simple songs that people can relate to, enjoy, and hopefully learn something from".

As for your new Idol winner, Lee thinks America's decision came from him being "a real guy" above all else. "I really wanted the experience on the show to be about me, and my performing and my music. I think I can connect with the audience."

That's right, we got full sentences out of Mr. DeWyze today, as opposed to last time we talked to him. Way to go, dude!

Lee had already put out an album before his Idol experience (check out "Slumberland" here) and it's currently charting. When asked about it, he says it was cool to hear things like that, but he's more looking forward to the album he'll be making now. "I get to take time on it," he says happily. "I'm going to have a lot of say in it. I get the chance to write. I can't wait to make an album that represents me."

Lee, ever the grateful guy that he is, thanks the show for allowing him the platform to reach people with his music. And with the tour coming up faster than you can say "pants on the ground", Lee knows he'll get his moment. "I'm just excited to get on the big stage and perform and put on a show without time limits or judging," he tells us. We're excited too!

So, are you happy with your Idol winner? A wee bit pissed that Crystal took second? Cast your votes in the comments below.


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