Blind Vice

It's absolutely no secret Dougy Dry-Hump loves the ladies. Although just how much of a womanizer he is may come as a his wife.

See, Doug is no stranger to scandal, per se, but he has a way of making it disappear. A few photo shockers here and there, cheating allegations, the usual messes straight celebs find themselves in.

But thanks to Doug's red-hot career, few outlets choose to run with the dirty info, 'cause in the end, an interview with Dry-Hump is a bigger get than a "supposed" story with a five-minute skanklet. Everything's a tradeoff in this town, right?

Sure, if Doug had a wife the star caliber of Sandra Bullock, all of his indiscretions would totally be out by now. But fortunately for Dougy's wife-unit, she isn't famous, so the story doesn't have as much oomph to it.

Which is why DD-H, who's classically handsome and pretty nicely built, doesn't give an ef anymore when he steps out on his significant other.

Sure, strip clubs are his first stop on a night when he's in the mood to get it on. Doug's been known to frequent the nakey joints all across the country, stuffing babes with more than just dollar bills, if you catch our drift. Totally into the "weird," dirty stuff.

Which is why we were surprised to hear of his presence at a Hollywood afterparty in the Hills very recently.

There Doug was, pouring booze for the barely legal girls at the mansion, chatting up any babe who would give his ego a good stroke. The kicker to the story is the host of the party is a huge H'wood sleaze bag, who actually has been a Blind Vice himself. The thought of these two crossing paths, or girls, shows just how small this evil enclave really is.

Anyways, Dry-Hump didn't partake in the drug stuff going on around him—no, he was much more into the bevy of babes and stiff drinks. So clearly the party didn't stop there...He took some girls back to his hotel room in wee hours of the morning (we're talking when the sun was rising) where we can only assume Dougy and little Dougy did what they do best.

And it Ain't: Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, Jon Hamm

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