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Let's be honest here: We all doubted it. Prosecutors requested proof of it. Twice.

And even when Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley stated in court on Monday that she had proof that LiLo had in fact purchased an airline ticket home from Cannes before her passport went AWOL, a massive question mark still hung in the air.

But not anymore.

E! News has obtained proof that LiLo did indeed have a legit ticket to get her back to Los Angeles from Cannes in time for last week's hearing.

Now, we're not gonna start believing every word that comes out of her mouth or anything crazy like that, but we will acknowledge vindication when it's been earned. So, nice job on not lying, Lindsay.

Ordinarily we'd also advise her to keep up the good work, but it appears as though she already has.

Holley has confirmed to E! News that Lohan has completed 11 of her 13 required alcohol counseling classes, and this morning attended a meeting with the Santa Monica Probation Department, as ordered by the court.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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Check out Lindsay in better days.

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