Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Kingston Stefani Rossdale, Zuma Stefani Rossdale

Gwen Stefani and her yummy hubby Gavin Rossdale were out in Studio City yesterday evening around 7, catching some happy hour at Mexicali.

Gwen, looking her usual stylish self, was sitting next to Gav and it appeared the two were enjoying the very happy hour indeed, sipping on what appeared to be some of Mexicali's signature cocktails.

Guess that should put those pregnancy rumors to rest once and for all, which we told you were false.

So what had other restaurant patrons totally staring over in the stars direction?

"Their kid was screaming and climbing up the plant in the middle of the restaurant," dishes our freshly off work spy. "It was literally, like, a tree."

Could it be—celebs that really are just like the rest of us? No nanny in sight, but a little booze and some good old fashion husband-and-wife time.

Is it wrong we kinda love it? Maybe it's because none of us here at the AT are really on the parental track, unless you count our furballs as babies.

Our source adds that—aside from the screaming child—G & G totally blended in with the rest of the crowd and kept a normal, low key profile.

Another singing sensation across the globe who reps a slightly different genre was Dr. Dre, who was spotted at Plaza Athenee, one of the chicest hotels in the romantic city.

Dre, dressed in an all black ensemble was passing through the gallery on a gorg Paris morning with an unhappy looking publicist trailing behind him. Standard.

The music mogul has been MIA for far too long, but people in the city are buzzing Lady Gaga could be the answer to that.

LG was also in town to play two sold out nights at Palais de Becy where Dr. Dre supposedly attended.

We'd so be into these two making some tunes together! Wouldn't you? This isn't the first time the pair have met either.

After the Grammy's, Gaga hit up Interscope's after-party hosted by Dre where the two were seen chatting, looking rather business like. The music mogul's have also collaborated on some headphones for Dre's Beats by Dr. Dre line.

Additional Reporting by Susan Michals

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