Kelly Bensimon, Chelsea Handler

Ali Paige Goldstein/Bravo; E! Networks

One of the New York Housewives had quite an outburst on a recent episode. Apparently Kelly Bensimon is the housewife on the show that the other women don't like. Sort of like the New Jersey Housewives all hate that one with the eyebrows that look like McDonald's arches. Bensimon blew up at the other women on a trip to the Virgin Islands. Viewers are saying it looked like she had a nervous breakdown. She's fighting back by saying it wasn't a "nervous breakdown," it was a nervous "breakthrough." Translation: She's insane. Anytime someone says they had a "breakthrough" over a "breakdown," it means they are one empty prescription bottle away from getting locked up in a mental institution. She also wants the public to know not to base their opinions of her on the show: "This is me being a Housewife on a television show...not me in real life." Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Is she suggesting that the "Real Housewives" aren't real? Great, next thing you know someone's going to tell me that those aren't Lisa Rinna's real lips

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Looking for more from E!'s late-night funnylady? Then check out Chelsea's take on pop culture right here in her blog.

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