Gwyneth Paltrow

Nick Harvey/WireImage

The Earth must have stopped, because Gywneth Paltrow looks stunning.

We're so used to counting sheep when the usually blah babe turns up to events (at least, from the knees up; Gwyn always knew her shoes) that we forgot what it was like to actually take notice of her.

Is this flash of fashion brilliance thanks to Scarlett Johansson?

G and S certainly were not buddy-buddy on the set of Iron Man 2 as has been reported, so maybe Gwynie got used to trying to one-up ScarJo on their world tour? And now the elder blonde is ready to make her fierce looks a habit.

With a slicked back 'do, rosy cheeks and peek-a-boo minidress, Gwyn, at the Louis Vuitton Maison store relaunch in London, looks the freshest and most fun we've seen her in eons.

Remember, once upon a time this was a chick that had Brad Pitt dangling from her petite arm. It's nice to see her looking less Goop-y and more like a MILF. Can Angelina Jolie still say the same? Didn't think so.

So could this be the beginning of a new Gwyn? One who isn't more boring than watching paint dry? Don't count your lemon chicken eggs before they hatch, but one can hope.

Gwyneth needs to write up a how-to for this look and upload it to her bizarro website, because it would be a helluva lot more useful than "Braiding Hair 101" or the "Best Places to See in WASP-y New Hampshire."

Maybe then we could finally get behind Goop—well, probably not, but hey, we might twitter a link to that article.

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