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American Idol finalist Lee Dewyze ain't goin' down without a fight.

After tonight's lukewarm critique from the judges, and that ever-present issue of Lee's allegedly waning confidence, we bugged Lee to give us some answers—like, Why the heck he lost his cool in the final round?!

His response? Read on for that and for what his rival Crystal Bowersox had to say...

Lee says he didn't lose his cool, but he does have an explanation for tonight's performance—nerves. "It's not easy performing in front of 7,000 people in a situation like that. And throughout the season the word confidence has come up with me a lot."

Fret not, Lee lovahs, because your dream Idol isn't worried one bit. "Looking confident and being confident are two different things, because for me if I wasn't confident I wouldn't be able to do this. I get up there, I do my thing and that's just how I am. I was confident tonight."

And while it might seem like casual Crystal's had the competition in the bag since day one, she's fought her own mini-demons along the way. "Throughout the season, people have been disappointed in my lack of big reactions to things," she explained. "I'm just a mellow person."

But prep yourselves, Crystal-lighters (no?): "I'm really interested to see how I react tomorrow because I might hoot and holler or something."

For the record, we'd pay good money to see that.

Now that the results are up to America, Lee and Crystal are just enjoying the last few seconds of the ride. "It all hit me at the very end when they went cut, and I thought about all the people who've been supportive and voting, and the fans who've been so amazing," he told us.

Adds Crystal, who's actually very sad to see Simon Cowell leave the show after tomorrow night: "Simon's been great all season long, and throughout the show. He's just a good guy, he knows what's going on and I wish him well in everything he does."

Ditto. And well wishes to both Lee and Crystal, too!

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