Mindy McCready

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Mindy McCready remains in a Florida hospital tonight, "resting comfortably " and awaiting word from doctors about her condition, according to her rep. 

"We're still waiting for a diagnosis from the doctor," the singer's publicist, Kat Atwood, tells E! News. "I've spoken with her mother and I've spoken with her attorney, and no one has indicated an overdose."

Brent Young, a longtime friend of McCready's (not her rep or publicist as some outlets have reported), tells E! that his friend is disheartened by today's turn of events but is feeling better tonight. He says she has a broken toe and he believes that she had been taking some kind of medication for the injury. But he does not believe she overdosed on the meds.

"I think her mother—as any concerned mother would—possibly overreacted to an allergic reaction," he says. "She was very coherent on the way to the hospital and once she was in the hospital. She called me from her mother's cell phone."

Young says he last talked to Mindy about two hours ago. He says she was in "good spirits" but will stay in Florida's Cape Coral hospital overnight for further tests.

"She's been doing so well since Celebrity Rehab and has passed every drug test," he says. "Unfortunately, because of her past, people made assumptions."

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