Lindsay Lohan


Not so fast, haters.

It turns out that Lindsay Lohan, who was fitted for yet another SCRAM bracelet yesterday despite her protestations that it might get in the way of upcoming projects, does indeed have prospects in Texas.

Lohan is in talks to play a character called "Lieutenant" in the Willie Nelson-produced adventure comedy The Dry Gulch Kid, which starts shooting in the Lone Star State this summer, E! News has learned exclusively.

So while the 23-year-old actress maybe got a little whiny about having to wear the alcohol monitor, she wasn't lying about her work prospects.

"We are in talks, but nothing is confirmed yet," the country icon's production partner, Kerry Wallum, tells E! News. "Hopefully she'll let us know in the next few days. She's a good actress."

And Lohan has nothing to fear as far as her latest accessory is concerned.

"The ankle bracelet means nothing to us," says Wallum. "We can take care of that."

Now that's some down-home hospitality.

So far, Johnny Knoxville is slated to star in The Dry Gulch Kid as half of an adventure-loving duo who roam the countryside getting into scrapes, charming the ladies and escaping trouble just in the nick of time.

Wallum says that he and Nelson are also hoping to get some of the singer's other big-name buddies, like Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson, onboard as well.

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It probably would have sucked to be wearing a SCRAM bracelet at E!'s 20th Birthday Bash last night.

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