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Virginia Sherwood/NBC

It's the little things in life that make us truly happy: No traffic on our morning commute. Free shot of espresso in our Starbucks. And the knowledge that one of our favorite shows here at WWK will live on FOREVER.

OK, maybe not forever, but ABC Family snatching up the cable syndication rights for Friday Night Lights equals more Tim Riggins, more Coach and Tami Taylor, and um, more Tim Riggins for everyone! Here are the details on this awesome nugget of news…

FNL, critically loved (deservedly so) but never a hot shot in the ratings, was saved from the dark fate of cancellation when NBC worked out a deal with DirecTV to air episodes on their 101 network before they aired later on NBC. Friday Night Lights is currently airing its fourth season on NBC, but you know that because you're watching, right? Well, bless you, DirecTV. And now, hallelujah for ABC Family and their excellent taste in television shows!

An NBC rep confirms the pickup to us, saying that they are "excited! We hope we can get a new audience!" We do, too. ABC Family will air episodes of FNL from the very beginning starting in September. So there is no excuse for you to miss out on the fifth and final season of Friday Night Lights airing this fall on DirecTV. Seriously. If you don't already love you some Dillon drama, now is the time to get caught up!

How excited are you for this news? Not as excited as we are, but I bet some of you are pretty close. Celebrate below, and don't forget to catch the current season of Friday Night Lights on NBC!


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