Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi

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The Bachelorette premiered last night on ABC, and even with  Ali Fedotowsky in the driver's seat this time, the show still took a dig at Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi.

"Boy I'm glad you're not Vienna," sassed one of the contestants on last night's ep. Jeez, can Jake Pavelka's fiancée catch a break or what?

We caught up with Vienna and Jake at a party in Hollywood recently, where V.G. cleared up some "villain" misconceptions and showed us that, well, she and Jake are actually...happy:

At first the blonde was quite standoffish, asking reporters which outlet we all were with, acting guarded until she believed we weren't out to get her. After ensuring her we were not with a certain tabloid that shall remains nameless (rhymes with In  Much), Vienna couldn't have been bubblier.

"Some people are just so mean," V dished with a sigh.

We so know!

"First of all, I'm not a villain. I couldn't be mean if I tried, that is what's so funny," 'fessed Vienna, to Fox News next to us. "Jake always laughs, 'Vienna couldn't be mean if she tried.' People don't know me. Then they meet me and are like, 'You're not mean at all!' "

We told V.G. not to worry, it's usually the gals who get the brunt of the criticism in relationships (Kristen Stewart, anyone), to which Vienna laughed and replied, "Yeah I know!"

So how do V and J escape it all? By getting the hell out of L.A. when they can.

"I don't know how people can live here their whole lives," Vienna told us about her new Hollywood lifestyle. "You have to get out of L.A. and breathe! It's just nonstop here. Jake and I went to Dallas and spent time with his family. We planted flowers in the garden; we planted a tree in the backyard. We just try to get our alone time when we can!"

Hopefully alone time will come sooner rather than later after their final Dancing With the Stars stint tonight (where they'll be one-two-stepping to On the Wings of Love, a song that Vienna told us they did not pick out).

"We decided that we're going to get married probably next year, during the summer months," V told us. "We kind of want a beach wedding maybe, or an island wedding maybe. We want to be able to take our shoes off and walk down the aisle."

So will cameras be following them for their beach jog to bliss?

"We wouldn't be opposed to the idea," Vienna dished about doing more reality TV with her fiancé (shocker).

"It would kind of be one of those things, if we got an offer we'd talk about it together. Just like Dancing With the Stars. Before Jake even told them yes, he came to me and we talked about it, what I thought about it, how it would effect our relationship. We made the decision together."

Be sure to catch Jake and Vienna dancing tonight on the DWTS finale, and for you Bachelor fans or anyone Team Vienna, you may get a sneak peek of their upcoming wedding.

Jake's Dancing partner, Chelsea Hightower, is going to choreography Vienna and Jake's wedding dance.

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