Nothing lost, nothing gained on the series finale of Law & Order.

The culmination of 20 years' worth of scripted crime and punishment was vintage Dick Wolf circa 2000 and beyond: a ripped-from-the-headline crime (in this case, a school shooting and bomb threat) with a healthy dose of technophobia thrown in for good measure.

But we happen to be OK with the anticlimactic climax of the Gunsmoke-tying drama.

Unlike some other series finales we've had to deal with lately, this one didn't leave us either grasping at straws or ruing every second we spent obsessing over the ins and outs of the many, many plot twists.

Instead, we'll just miss Law & Order for what it was: An easy, breezy crime procedural that you could nibble at as you pleased and still end up feeling satisfyingly full.

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