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Loved Lost's finale? Hated it? Still confused?

Yeah, us too. We imagine it was also rough on these folks:

Skate Fans: Despite enjoying hot sex in a Dharma zoo cage and finally leaving the Island together, smokin' rogues Sawyer and Kate end up in the afterlife not with each other, but with attractive doctors Jack and Juliet.

Mr. Eko: No finale for you! Hell, even awesomely crazy Ana Lucia showed up in the Sideways world. Smokey doesn't like it when you ask for too much money.

Waaaaaaaaaalt: So, wait. Why was he so special? Other than growing about five inches in a month. Dog of doom Vincent seemed to serve more of a purpose, both helping to rescue Desmond and making sure Jack didn't die alone.

So scoop yourself some imaginary peanut butter and sound off in our poll:

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Schadenfreude Poll! May 24, 2010
So who got the Drive Shaft in Lost's finale?

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Still confused? Watch With Kristin has found all of your Lost answers!

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