LuAnn de Lesseps is apparently bored with being a divorced countess and a real Big Apple housewife. So what does someone in her situation—in other words someone with no discernable talent—do? 

Record a single, of course. Following in the pitchy footsteps of real Atlanta housewife Kim Zolciak, LuAnn leant her husky tones to a tune recalling golden coke-and-rollerskates era disco anthems, "Money Can't Buy You Class." It can, however, buy you voice lessons, something LuAnn seems unaware of. 

When you're done cringing, take the Kleenex wads out of your ears and let your multi-talented Dish hostess Danielle Fishel croon the definitive version.

Get in line for more Dish Saturday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Style Network!

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