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Usually, you'd expect the über-anticipated, über-hyped Lost finale to top another season closer of Celebrity Apprentice.

But the Bret Michaels factor made Sunday's Apprentice anything but another season closer, and anything but usual.  

So, did the über-resilient rocker have one more miracle up his bandana?      


In head-to-head competition last night, Lost beat Celebrity Apprentice', 13 million viewers to 9.3 million, Nielsen estimates showed.

Overall, the super-sized Lost averaged 13.5 million from 9 p.m.-11:30 p.m. 

If you're wondering if Lost set any kind of finale ratings records, please remember this is 2010, and it's near-impossible to beat what you did last week, much less what M*A*S*H did in 1983. So, with that in mind, be not surprised when we tell you the very last episode of Mr. Belvedere drew a bigger crowd than last night's emotional farewell.

The hype was not for naught, though, as Lost drew its biggest finale audience in three years, ABC said.

Michaels' effort to make it from the hospital to the Apprentice set wasn't for naught, either. That show scored its biggest finale audience since 2008.

So, who really lost last night? Nobody but the smoke monster.

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