First, Tom Welling announces Smallville is wrapping things up, now he tells us there might be more on the way—what the whatsey-whosey now?!

Not only is more Smallville after season 10's end a possibility—with help from die-hard fans, of course—Tom's working on a few surprise returns. Oh yeah, you know who I'm talking about...

Michael Rosebaum and Kristin Kreuk, take notice: Tom is coming after you both for a Smallville reunion—and I don't think Superman is taking no for an answer.

"I'm doing everything I can to get Michael Rosenbaum back," Tom told me, just before looking into the camera to make his plea. "Michael, please. You can't have the show without Lex Luthor. And there's no Lex Luthor to me except Michael. He's the best."

And we all know there's no original Smallville without Lana, but watch out, Clois fans. "I'd love to see Kristin come back. I'd love to see Lois and Lana in the same room with Clark. That'd be a very interesting scenario, it'd be fun," Tom teased.

"We have a lot of storylines we need to wrap up, and we need to wrap them up in a way that will fulfill the fans. The people who've watched up for 10 seasons, well nine, but will be 10, thank you very much, and we want give a good show to you," he promised.

In fact, Tom wants fans to be so fulfilled, he had some extra-encouraging and truly surprising words on whether or not this is seriously Smallville's final season. "You never know," he told me with that million-dollar grin of his. "If you don't know this already, as a fan you guys have all the power. The more people that watch, the more chance the show has to continue. We're not here for a 10th season without the fans. That's the truth."

Maybe there will be more Smallville after all, but there's one lady who's officially out—at least part time. When I brought up Allison Mack's impending departure as everyone's fave, Chloe, Tom reassured: "She'll be back. I don't know in what capacity. But...Chloe is going to be part of this season."

Are you down for a Lex, Lana, Chloe, Clark and Lois reunion in what might not be the final season of Smallville? Send your theories my way in the comments section.


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