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True, summer is bringing us more Toddlers & Tiaras. Alas, it's also time to say goodbye to some of TV's most entertaining shows:

Lost: Love it or hate it, the six-season series was one of a kind. Make sure you join Watch With Kristin's finale party to savor the final Island moments with other Losties.

24: After eight crazy days, Jack Bauer is leaving the small screen. At least we have the film—or films?—to look forward to.

The Celebrity Apprentice: Beloved diabetes poster boy Bret Michaels and awesome autism crusader Holly Robinson-Peete go head-to-head in the finale this Sunday. Yeah, we'll get original-recipe Apprentice in March 2011—but we will miss wacky celeb moments like Cyndi Lauper riffing on David Hasselhoff.

So, settle on the couch with some chips and let us know which show you're sorriest to see go:

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Schadenfreude Poll! May 22, 2010
Which show will you miss most?

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