Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton

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Remember the best part of Paris getting thrown in the slammer?

No, not the picture of her blubbering in the backseat of a cop car—though it was nice seeing the attention-hungry heiress knocked off her princess pedestal—we're talking about the YouTube music vid of a Paris look-alike pouting and strutting as she bitches about her imminent jail time. A cyber hit, trust.

Well guess which of her clubbing cohorts is about to go viral?

Lindsay Lohan, obviously!

When we heard word La Lohan may have finally met her match in the L.A. judicial system, our first thought was of the hilarious video the actress-turned-tabloid disaster could inspire. Pause for a second to imagine the genius for yourself.

Brilliant, right?

So we turned to Sean Haines and Allan Murray, directors of the Hilton mock music video, and asked if they had plans for LiLo (who the geniuses actually lampooned in the Paris vid, look closely for it) and her no doubt big party behind bars. And bingo—they told us they do!

We—and Paris, one of Lindsay's main nemeses—wouldn't have it any other way! It's definitely better that this smart duo does it than have Team Awful film our very own songbird, Taryn Ryder, in a red wig and face-paint freckles. That was our backup plan.

Hey, if the haughty Hilton served jail time for violating her probation, then Lindsay—what with her three DUIs and mysterious cocaine possession (it wasn't hers, swear!)—should be serving a life sentence. Judging by wacko Hollywood justice, right?

Just imagine the prison tips P.H. could give L2, you know, if they were on speaking terms:

"Your Chanel lipstick can totally work as a shank!"

Now that's a YouTube hit in itself.


Photos: Lindsay Lohan: Why's She Smiling?

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