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The Last Real Man in Hollywood

We thought the last few rounds were close but, trust, we had no idea just how intense this competition would be when it came down to the final two studs! All of us at Team Awful were biting our nails to the bone, checking the results constantly to see who would come out on top.

But the polls are closed and we've found a winner.

So which lucky hunk will proudly sport the name of the Last Real Man in Hollywood?

Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp, of course.

The dapper, doable dude was able to keep his momentum going, starting the competition off strong and knocking out every gorgeous guy that tried to get in his way of the title.

But even Aussie dreamboat Hugh Jackman couldn't grab quite enough votes to beat Capt. Jack Sparrow. And let's just say that's not an easy feat—Hugh has quite a dedicated fan base.

Sure, some of you won't be so thrilled with the results (we still see you bitchin' in the comment section, R.Pattz fans), but, believe us, we've got enough room in our hearts—and naughty nighttime fantasies—for all these fine fellows. You should, too!

So there it is, J.Depp is your kind of guy—or so you say. He's easy on the eyes (he wasn't named People's sexiest man multiple times for nothing, huh?), he's got killer acting chops (repeat Oscar nom, anyone?), and he's not your typical H'wood hottie—but maybe that's a good thing.

Remember, Depp is awfully good at staying out of the public eye and off the front cover of tabloids, at least when he's not peddling another Pirates of the Caribbean flick. Some would probably find that mystery sexy.

Others may be turned on by his private island.

Either way, congrats, Johnny—you're the manliest of the men. Don't let us down.

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