This is it. The end of Lost—and our week of fun vintage video—is rapidly approaching, but before you pack up your Dharma gear and burrow under the covers until the grief passes, know this: There is life after Lost.

What's that you say? No way, no how?! I pinky promise it's the whole truth and nothing but. Still, if you must hear it for yourselves (and you should!), check out the clips above for some Lostie proof. Don't worry, there's more...

In case you missed any of this week's Lost flashbacks, catch up below with a look at some of my favorite moments with Darlton and the gang over the past six years. Just a warning, you might want to keep a hanky handy.

The guest list is now full for my Lost viewing party Sunday, but if you're not on it, don't fret! Just check out WWK bright and early Monday morning for all the postfinale coverage you could ever want.


And for more proof of Life Beyond Lost, check this out.

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