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Josh Holloway—scruffy Sawyer of ABC's dearly departing Lost—dazzles even when he's wearing a shirt.

In his covered-up (boo!) cover story for the June issue of Men's Health, the sexy star and king of the Lost one-liners shared some zingers of his own. Such as:

"I am a taster."

Whet your appetite? Read on for more...

So what flavors has the delicious Josh sampled? His newborn baby, for one.

"I even tasted the cream on my daughter when she came out of the womb...She looked like a Cinnabon."

Okaaay then. Let's move on, shall we?

The hunky actor also has a taste for fish—especially when he catches it himself. "I almost peed my pants," he says about fishing during some perilous conditions. "If you're going to be taunting [the ocean] in that way, she will smack you down. You can never disrespect the ocean."

"I want to do a clean catch," he says about fishing. "And a clean kill."

Josh doesn't say whether he ate them, but he tells Men's Health his first job involved collecting chicken carcasses. "I had my wheelbarrow and I'd just pick up dead chickens and chart them...I was like Monty Python: 'Bring out yer dead!' "

Unlike some of his costars, Josh will continue to pursue acting gigs in his life beyond Lost. But, he admits, "I love the comfort zone...In my mind, I'm a 70-year-old man with a fly rod in one hand and a beer in the other."

When he does reach retirement age, the actor says, "I would be happy to show you my Buddha gut, because it will certainly be out."

And we will be happy to see it. (No one said anything about tasting.)

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