CBS is in the midst of a torrid love affair with Alex O'Loughlin, and there's nothing we can do about it. No that we'd want to! So sit back and enjoy it, because trust me, we are reaping all the benefits—particularly in their newest venture, Hawaii Five-O.

And that's just the tip of CBS's gargantuan iceberg of newness. You still haven't even heard about the wacky $#*! My Dad Says...

Alex is fully aware and overly grateful for CBS's obsession with him—but going through the ups and downs of a series after series isn't always fun for the star. "I feel like I need a Class of '10 sweatshirt to document this," he told me at Upfronts Wednesday. "I don't know how many times I'm going to have to do it, but [Hawaii Five-O] feels pretty great."

And that love affair I speak of is of the mutual variety. "I talked to Nina Tassler before I was locked into the show and said, 'Listen, I don't know what this beast within you is that loves me so much, and I don't know what you feed it or where you keep it, but I really love you for it." Added Nina: "Fans don't get tired of their favorite stars, and they love him. He has an extraordinary fan base. We love him."

Don't worry, they love Lost's Daniel Dae Kim just as much, and he's equally happy to be a part of the remake. "I feel really lucky," he told me. "It's been fantastic having a different energy on the island with a new crew and a different cast—I'm knockin' wood."

Elsewhere on the net, the always zany William Shatner is talking...let's just say he's talking crap.

[Warning tubers: The clip below contains lots of fun talk about a show with a bit of a questionable name, so it may not be suitable for everyone.]

"I'm calling it S--t," William jokes of how he's referencing his new series, $#*! My Dad Says. "S--t is really good. You see, you're conversing with good S--t. Bleep My Father Says is the word we're using now."

Seriously though, he tells me the show is "very funny," so I'm not gonna mess with that s--t. Sorry, moving on.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with the always lovely Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell from Chuck Lorre's new series, Mike & Molly—and of course the glory days of Gilmore Girls came up. How could they not? It's Sookie, for goodness sake! She told me all about a little G.G. reunion that recently took place with with fellow CBS costar Matt Czuchry (now on The Good Wife), which made me feel all warm inside.

Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi joined in on the party, too, chatting about their show, The Defenders. It might look a gritty Las Vegas drama, but these two were a hoot and half together. And you know I love me some Jerry O.

Are you loving that our pal DDK is already on a new series? Any other CBS fun you're excited for? Get in those comments and fill me in!

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Here's your first look at some of next fall's new shows.

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