Lindsay Lohan

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Who wants to attend a stodgy old court hearing when you could be partying with actual celebrities in the South of France? Not our girl Lindsay!

So which sob story is the silliest?

She's in "Compliance": Well, sort of. But the judge is still ordering her to attend this latest hearing.

The Icelandic Volcano! Ole Eyjafjallajökull has been responsible for many a ruined vacation. And yet that pain in the ash didn't stop Lindsay from flying to Cannes—or stop celebs like Camilla Belle from returning from the film fest safely.

She Lost Her Passport: LiLo's attorney tells E! News: "She is doing everything in her power to get a temporary passport and get home." By everything, could she mean every party in Cannes?

So make like a judge and rule on the most inexcusable excuse:

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Which excuse is the worst?

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