Lost, Cast


Lost might call 'em flashbacks, flashforwards and those still-ridiculously mind-boggling flashsideways, but today I'm just going with good old-fashioned walks down memory lane.

Over the past six years, I've been lucky enough to stalk visit my favorite Losties in Hawaii a time or two, so in honor of this particular end of an era, pop open a Dharma beer and enjoy my favorite on-set moments...

Ahhh, memories. The wind in our hair, the mai tais at sunset...the pound and a half of sand in our shoes?! Makes a girl miss long for Hawaii once more.

Sadly, those days are done (at least until I infiltrate Daniel Dae Kim's sexy new beach-bound series, Hawaii Five-O), but keep the Lost love alive by checking out more vintage video with my first set visit and premiere party, and a little star-stalking.


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