Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman

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Sharon Stone saw the smart, confessional light and refreshingly just got honest about futzing with her body. She says she thought she "looked like a trout" after having lip injections at a low point in her life. And Demi Moore, don't forget, also revealed that she had done "something" to her body, procedurally, though she wasn't as candid as Stone, and wouldn't say exactly what.

The point is, thanks to Stone and Moore, the mystique of what celebs do to their bods (and the shaming that gets associated with these pricy tricks) is beginning to lift.

Barely, mind you, but, it's a beginning:

Stone's interview to More is as startling as that original crotch shot she bared in Basic Instinct, all those years ago. Similarly, she lets it all hang out, saying she felt "103" when her marriage to Phil Bronstein broke up, thinking, "Nobody loves me. My life would be better if I had better lips."

Of course, Stone forgot to mention nobody was lovin' the notorious on-screen vamp at the box-office, either, but, you get the idea.

Jeez, why wasn't Stone this enlightened about desperate measures to gain fake sexuality years ago? Not only might it have saved us all from Basic Instinct 2, we could have seen more of the realist Stone, who's still pretty damn good, in case you didn't catch her in Law & Order: SVU (despite some cheesy Joe Eszterhas-esque dialog).

And Demi, for her part, at least shouts out about female empowerment enough on Twitter these days to make up of for her halfway stab at getting honest about the extremes women attempt to remain relevant. Give her that much credit, at least.

Which leaves us with the Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan set. It's just bewildering to look at these two enormously talented and powerful female figures and not ask: Why did you succumb? We loved you as you were!

At least I did. And that's the truth.

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