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There's one thing CBS honcho Nina Tassler wants you to know about their surprising new lineup: There's no love lost.

No, literally—she's referring to Ghost Whisperer (RIP) star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Thankfully, Nina was happy to answer your burning Q's about GW's sudden demise, Big Bang Theory's big move and even Charlie Sheen's return to the tube...

Why Ghost Whisperer and why now?! Nina puts it simply: "It's sad, but shows don't stay on the air forever." A little harsh, but true—not to say that made the choice any easier on the execs. 

"It was surprising to us, too," she explained. "If we didn't have the strength coming out of the development season, we might not have had the opportunity to do it. Ultimately, it's all about ratings for the network—that's where we have to continue to improve and succeed. It was personally very tough; Love is a friend, the producers are friends and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is someone who's done very well for us."

Nina did say she's heard rumors that ABC might rescue the fallen Ghost, but "that just comes with the territory."

And about BBT's superscandalous swap to Thursday's opposite NBC's Community, Nina doesn't shy away from the criticism—in fact, she seems to embrace it. "Historically you think about what Thursday nights have been, and if you look and the numbers Big Bang has been bringing in—it is virtually exploding. This was the time to do it," she explained.

"If you've got the piece to move to Thursday night, and Big Bang certainly earned its way there, that just made perfect sense. And how perfect that William Shatner should follow Leonard and Sheldon on Thursday night. Right?!" (More on that hilarious man to come!)

Nina said the folks over at CBS are "feeling so happy, so great, a little relieved" about Charlie Sheen's resolve to stick with Two and a Half Man a few years more, not just for the ratings it rakes in, but simply because "he's played an integral part in this network, so it's a win for everybody."

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