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Perhaps if Rachelle Lefevre's drama was leaked to the press before she was axed from Eclipse she could have been saved, too.

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz have reportedly signed deals somewhere around $1.25 million for each of the Breaking Dawn movies.

So is everything back to being peach-keen in Twi-land? And can we get that announcement that Breaking Dawn will be two flicks yet?

First off, when is anything going smoothly over there behind the scenes? Is never good for everybody?

However, it seems that despite a very rocky week, everyone is happy (for the most part) at the final agreement that was just reached for B.D. It was as middle of the road as it was going to get.

The studio was a bit shocked at how gung-ho the fans were at standing behind Kellan and Ashley. Never underestimate the Twi-hards! And really, aside from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, these two hons each have the next biggest fan bases, so smart move to keep 'em both. That's what we suggested at the get-go!

Although the Cullen kids may have been high-balling the studio at first, we're thrilled that they really were more dedicated to the fans and franchise than the moolah. If these "negotiations" were to go on any longer, one of their pretty faces wouldn't be around for any of the Breaking Dawn movies, we've been assured. But both Ashley and Kellan wanted to be in the flicks, so that of course in the end made Summit stop being too too greedy and give A & K a few more bucks.


So, back to business. As we've been telling you forever now, the plan has been to make Breaking Dawn two flicks as long as they could reach agreements with everyone. And it seems they pretty much have.

Kristen, Rob, Taylor and now all the Cullen crew are good to go for the fourth and fifth installment. Bill Condon is game for two. Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg are game for two. So that means expect an announcement shortly...perhaps just in time to pump up Eclipse? You bet.


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