Ryan Kwanten, True Blood


Get ready for tomorrow's Truth, Lies & Ted, it's a special Aussie report on the hottest stars Down Under, mate, and one of the sexiest of the bunch is True Blood's hunky Ryan Kwanten.

You know him, of course, as the witless, totally doable Jason Stackhouse, who's dumbo ways make an appearance about as often as that rock-hard derriere of his. Yum!

So, I told Ryan at the Australians in Film Awards last week that I thought it was totally cool he was putting himself out there on the show—sexually, certainly. In kind of a gratuitous way, just like women have done for decades!

Not sure he was pleased:

Mr. K—who's totally doable in person, like a compact piece of über-fit hotness with adorable dimples to match—said he didn't find his myriad sex scenes gratuitous at all.

At the Thompson in Beverly Hills, where the event's sponsors included Oakley, UGG Australia and Oroton, I said maybe a bad choice words, how 'bout refreshing?

At which point Ryan's eyes lit up like I was a fresh babe to bed or something:

"If you're refreshed by it, you're going to be very happy this season," R.K. let loose about the new T.B. lineup, starting June 13.

Tell me, tell me!

"There's going to be a lot more [nudity] from the other characters, I actually keep my clothes on a bit more...[but] I've paved the way for them."

Everybody, this is such good and bad news. Ryan's covering up his delish bod in the next season? Surely, the producers were smoking something Lindsay Lohan left lying around when this decision was made. Can't something be done?

But at least Ryan's fearless ways in the disrobing department have helped pave the way for his fellow actors! Skarsgård must be going full-frontal. Let's pray.

And who the hell cares if it's gratuitous or necessary to the plot? It's just damn hot 'n' fun. Thanks, Ry, you're the best!

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