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One of Team Awful's fave shows this season (and Demi Moore's too, we're sure) is the quirky comedy Cougar Town. But if we've learned one thing from dram-coms of the past, it's that when you throw a bunch of fab femmes on one set, claws tend to come out behind the scenes.

Damn, is that sexist to say? Whatever.

We caught Busy Philipps—the deliciously ditzy Laurie on the hit show—as she tried to sneak into Grauman's Chinese Theatre unnoticed for the Prince of Persia premiere last night. Here's what she dished about her castmates:

"I see those guys a couple times a week. I love them," Busy nonchalantly yakked when we asked if the chemistry was as great off-set as onscreen. "They're the best."

And unlike when those Botoxed broads over at Desperate Housewives gush that they're all BFFs, we actually believe B.P. when she says she gets along with fellow Cougars Courteney Cox and Christa Miller.

Maybe it's because the ladies choose bonding over Wine Wednesday—as Busy recently dished on Chelsea Lately—instead of fighting for Emmy noms or competing for tabloid covers (à la those Gossip girls).

Or maybe it's because they're all so damn funny?

"We try," she confessed when we asked if her costars keep up the fun and games when the director yells "Cut!"

"Sometimes I don't think we're making anyone laugh but ourselves, but we try."

And when the blond babe—she looked gorge in a chic black coat and humongous brown chunky heels, must add—isn't swapping laughs (and liquor) with C.C. & Co., she's a fellow Twitter-maniac.

"I'm big on Twitter. Big on Twitter," Busy gushed.

But don't expect to goss about Kirstie Alley, Kim Kardashian or any other famous followers' latest Twitter tantrums with Busy: "I like to follow my friends. I find out what they're doing—like if they're at Whole Foods, or what's happening."

How wonderfully un-H'wood of her to actually control her own Twitter. (C'mon, you didn't really believe Britney Spears was writing her own tweets, did you?)

"I always [tweet] on the fly, which may or may not be the best idea," she stated before proudly boasting: "But I have not drunk-tweeted to date, so hopefully I never will. There's always tonight."

Or the next Wine Wednesday. Can we request a Twitpic now?


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