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What's a girl to do when her favorite show is on lockdown to protect all its secrets? Easy! Stalk the stars when they are away from the set.

Thanks to the crazy secrecy surrounding Lost over the past six seasons, I had the chance to do just that. And here's the most amazing thing you won't believe:

Those kind people never even issued a restraining order against me!

I know. They're that awesome.

As our week of "vintage" Lost videos continues (celebrating the very end—boo!—this Sunday at 9 p.m.), I bring you my favorite "stalking" moments of the Lost stars over the past six years...

And in case you missed it, here's day one of our Lost vintage video, with my first-ever set visit (Evangeline Lilly talking about Jack and Kate shacking up in a cave!) and my first-ever premiere party!

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And remember, there's Life Beyond Lost...or so they say.

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