Warning: If you see Keri Russell and Will Arnett together in one place--and they will be pretty often now because of their new Fox comedy Running Wilde--look the other way.

Seriously. Even better...run.

Here's why:

It's just...too...much...goodness.

Especially if you happen to be a die-hard fan of both (since the days of Felicity and Arrested Development), as is a certain bobbleheaded journalist who tried to "interview" them yesterday in NYC. (Me.)

What did we learn?

  1. The Arrested Development movie is not dead.
  2. Keri and Will will do whatever it takes to seduce Matt Damon and/or get in the next Bourne movie. (Hello! Matt! Look 'em up, buddy.)
  3. And Will was a huge fan of Felicity and her pals...um, Steve and Stacy.

And perhaps most important, Running Wilde, which debuts this fall, looks fantastic. It comes from the minds of Arnett himself and Arrrested Development boss Mitch Hurwitz, so...well, let's face it, there aren't really enough superlatives out there to say how cool that is. Will stars as an obnoxious Beverly Hills gazillionaire who reconnects with his granola-crunching long-lost crush, played by Keri.

Just watch the video above...But again, be warned, these two longtime fan favorites just might make your head explode.

No, literally. Explode.

While I only cried during this interview yesterday, some of you longtime readers may remember that Will Arnett made me laugh so hard on the Arrested Development set that he literally (I am not joking) ruptured a blood vessel in my nose and I had to have surgery afterward to cauterize it. The video proof of that nasal explosion:

The good news? Will agreed to backpay me for my medical expenses (at Keri's urging). I have a feeling more may be on the way with this pair on my TV...

Anyone else as excited as I am about Keri and Will partnering up? Probably not, but you can still weigh in below in the comments with your love or like for them anyway.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at Running Wilde and all the new Fox shows:


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