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Sex and the City has never shied away from showing skin—especially breasts.

But don't ask Sarah Jessica Parker to join in on the nakedness…

"You don't want to see me topless," Parker, 45, told me with a laugh from New York City, where she's been promoting Sex and the City 2. "You really don't."

Even though many of her costars haven't had any qualms about it? "Maybe they're more equipped to do so," Parker laughed again. "And it's all been voluntary. There was never any pressure. Never once. It's too progressive of a community here to have anyone pressured into doing that."

One thing SJP definitely does do when it comes to SATC is…worry! "I'm excited," she said of the May 27 release. "But this is also the period when I tend to be very nervous and I worry and I fret and overthink. I'm in a state of turmoil."


"I fret about everything. I worry that it's not good enough," she said. "I worry that no one will show up…What if the audience isn't happy?"

One thing not worrying Ms. Parker is all this talk about how much she and her costars Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall have been Photoshopped in movie posters and on magazine covers. "It's curious to me because everything's Photoshopped now," she said. "I'm curious, because do they ask it about a Will Smith poster or a Tom Cruise poster?"

Parker admits that her oldest child, 7-year-old James Wilkie, will probably be seeing the new SATC. "I'm not going to be able to keep him away much longer," Parker said. "If I can manage to take him out for popcorn for two certain moments, I think he's ready for it. He has too many questions, and he's too clever for us to keep it from him. I wouldn't say this movie is for 7-year-olds, but we'll find a way of figuring it out."

As for Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick's 11-month-old twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, she cracked, "This may be the very time to show it to them. They'll just say, 'Hi.' That's what they're saying right now, 'Hi.' "

And it's those kids who are keeping Parker away from Broadway—but in a good way. "As soon as my children are old enough to put themselves to bed," she said when asked if there are any theater plans on the horizon. "It's very hard for me to be away at night. It's hard to miss that time.

"They still like me," she continued. "There's going to be a point where they won't want me anywhere near the house. That's when I'll come begging, 'Please, please let me have some stage work.' "

And don't even ask her about the possibility of a third SATC movie. "Oh, dear god," Parker chuckled. "I don't feel entitled to have that conversation yet. Let's see if anybody shows up on May 27."

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