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What could be better than all the recent Upfront news about NBC and Fox's 2010-2011 schedules that broke today in New York City? How about some of the scoop I was also able to conjure up on the hottest shows from those networks and more?

(Yeah, I thought you'd like that.)

Read on for the latest on all your faves, including Grey's Anatomy, Lost and awesome news for you Friday Night LIghts fans...

Kristin2Saints: I want Taylor Kitsch and Adrianne Palicki on Friday Night Lights again. Any hope?

Kristin2Saints, you read my mind! Adrianne (looking fanfreakingtastic with new red hair) was promoting her new show, Fox's Lonestar (shot in Texas!), and said she will be back in some way for season five of FNL. In the meantime, she's holdiing out hope her Fox show will shoot in Austin so she can stay close to Connie Britton and the rest of her pals. At the NBC upfront today, FNL boss Jason Katims told me he will be bringing Taylor Kitsch back to the show. "If I had it my way, he'd be in every episode, but we will get him back for something," Jason says. How about a little this in celebration...

Taylor Kitsch, FNL


Thomas: Is it true Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating?
I have it from an eyewitness that they were smoochy out at a restaurant recently. But maybe they were just practicing for an upcoming incest scene on Parenthood? (I kid! But not about the restaurant thing.) Lauren, Peter and brother Dax Shepard were all professional and fun today pimping out Parenthood on NBC's carpet. When asked for a tease about the finale, Peter said: "It will rain. You heard it here first. Now that's a tease!" They make up in charm what they lack in info. Such a fun cast.

Rob in Las Vegas: I can't believe Law and Order is no more. Please tell me they at least give us some closure in the series finale!
It was a sad, sad day here at WWK when we got the news that this epic show was ending its run with season 20. The final episode, called "Rubber Room," involves a teacher's death threat on a high school, and Lt. Van Buren's (S. Epatha Merkerson) continued struggle with cancer. It is as consistently on pitch as most L&O episodes are; no surprise there, yet it does have more of a finale feel to it. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) seriously lays the smack down at one point, which is one of the highlights, in my opinion. The goods news is that the episode, and thus the series, wraps up nicely, which is what fans deserve. Regardless, it is truly the end of an era. Tune in May 24 to pay your respects.

What is up with those bastards at NBC postponing the start of Parks and Recreation?
I hear you, but for what it's worth, Rick Offerman (Ron) seemed at peace with it, and even worse, I met the cast of Outsourced and they were sorta hilarious...Still, no Ron or Tom or Leslie. But you guys might end up liking the new show. Mayhaps?

Reginald: After meeting the NBC peeps today, which new show are you most excited about?
Love Bites! Becki Newton + Greg Grunberg FTW!

Olivia in Milwaukee: Any other Grey's Anatomy finale teases to tease?
If you're loving Ryan Devlin as Smith on Cougar Town, you'll be blown away by his turn as ailing Mandy Moore 's hubby on this week's Grey's finale. And that's all we can say. Need more? Check out our finale teases from this morning and make your guesses in the comments! I'll also give you one more spoiler below.

Nelson: What's up with Mia Michaels replacing Mary Murphy on SYTYCD?
According to Mia (I chatted with her a few hours ago), she will be seen as a judge in every episode and also choreographing because "You know me. I can't sit still." As for Mary, Mia says "She's still a part of the show."

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Brittany: How about some scoop on this week's Lost?
The show totally rebounds after last week's episode (which, for the record, I loved...but hated the timing of it). A lot happens. I can think of at least one major death (someone we've known for many seasons). And some pretty cool Kate news that might apply to Sun, too. Just watch it! I should be running into your favorite ABC peeps here tomorrow at the ABC Upfront (fingers crossed?ABC is not doing a red carpet!), so if you have any specific questions, holler atcha girl (i.e., tweet me).

Monica in Miami: Calzona news on Grey's Anatomy, please!
With pleashuh. (Just talked to Hugh Laurie and I'm trying to channel his Brit wit...so not working.) I can tell you that you Calzona fans will be in a geographically desirable locale for the finale. But I can't tell you if it leads to any kind of makeup sesh...I can only dream.

Reggie in New York: How about some Bones scoop!? Did you run into the gorgeous Emily Deschanel?
I did just hours ago, my friend! And you'll be happy to know that she's looking fabulous in a short new hairdo (lighter, too) and if I get five seconds of free time here maybe we can even find a photo for you. (She said she'll keep the look for Bones.) Anyhoo, I asked if she knows if Boothe and Brennan will ever, you know, have a serious relationship, and Emily told me: "Funny you should mention that, because I literally just spoke to Hart Hanson about that and we were debating whether it would make sense for them to get together next season or not. Funny enough, when we did Comic-Con the last time, the crowd cheered more loudly for them not to get together, so we'll see. I am a producer, so I do have some say." (David Boreanaz showed up at the Fox presentation but did not do interviews with the press, to the shock of, well, no one.)

Gillygirl: How about some Fringe scoop!?
Josh Jackson and John Noble swear the second half of the finale will blow us away, and I'm inclined to believe them. Earlier today I asked if Peter might be tempted to go away with Walternate, and John said (I'm going off memory here, so forgive me): "Without saying too much, that is very much a very real possibility."

Hugh Laurie

Krista Kenneth/ZUMAPress.com No Expiration

What's the word on the House finale?
The word is "emotional," according to Hugh Laurie. Stand by for awesome video interview that made me happy! That guy is pure F-U-N.

Kim from San Jose, Calif.: I need more info on the House season ender! I hear someone is leaving the hospital in the episode. Is that true?
It is true. I can't say for sure the fate of a certain character after the finale, but someone will indeed be leaving the hospital, and it's on a voluntary basis. It's unknown in the episode if he/she will be coming back. They love those cliff-hangers in season enders, don't they? I guess we'll have to wait with breath that is bated. 

Daria in Rhode Island: What can we expect on this week's 90210 finale?
Relationships are a-changin' in Beverly Hills. Ivy will find out about that kiss between Silver and Dixon, and this does not bode well for the cutesy new couple. And Liam kicks Naomi to the curb after his newfound (or refound) connection with Annie. But she's busy dealing with the demise of her parents' marriage, which is officially dunzo by the episode's end.

Alison in Dover, Del.: Any other goodness you can tease from the 90210 ender?
Hmmm, "goodness" might be the wrong word in this case, but we will say this: Naomi's financial and emotional heartbreak leads her into the arms of an unsuspecting suitor, and what happens next will push her further down a very dark path. We're pretty worried about the Naomi we'll see at the start of next season.

Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Morrison, Glee

Michael Yarish/Fox

Betty in Kentwood, La.: I'm dying to know more about this week's Glee. What can you spill?
I've seen Tuesday's Neil Patrick Harris-tastic ep, and all I can say is get ready for some musical goodness. NPH's Aerosmith duet with Matthew Morrison is delivered in movielike quality, thanks to the directorial stylings of Mr. Joss Whedon. The best moment might actually be a flashback of a pimple-faced Will Schuester fawning over supercool guy, fellow glee clubber and mullet-rockin' Bryan Ryan?oh yeah, that's NPH's name. And don't worry, I already planted the seed today with the Glee peeps that Neil has to be back next season. Matthew Morrison is gonna start a campaign with me.

Gabriel in Hershey, Pa.: More Glee!
More Glee it is. Remember when we told you there was some emotional stuff ahead for Team Artina? Well this week is it, so get ready for some pretty serious stuff, including a musical number in which Artie busts a move...on both feet! You have to tune in to see what we mean, but his relationship with Tina is definitely tested in the next hour.

How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris

Michael Yarish/Fox

Jill from Indianapolis: I love Barney and Robin together on How I Met Your Mother! Will there be anything happening between them in the finale?
Surprisingly, no. Barney and Robin the couple take a backseat for that episode, but mostly because the season finale of How I Met Your Mother has some huge stuff going on for Robin. I'm talking life-altering choices in both her career and love life. Plus, a big moment of truth for her and...Ted? Btdubs, how awesome is this?

Calvin in St. Louis: Big Bang Theory question: Any hope for Penny/Leonard fans?
Don't hold your breath. And if you do, don't say I didn't warn you, because Penny and Leonard will unfortunately still be broken up in the season finale. Weep away, "Lenny" fans.

Cougar Town, Courteney Cox


Bridgette in Wisconsin: Need some intel on the Cougar Town finale, please.
Alrighty, then. Here you go: The Cougar Town finale is actually titled "Finding Out," so my dears, what do you think is happening in this half-hour? If you guessed that Bobby (Brian Van Holt) discovers Jules and Grayson's relaysh, ding-ding-ding. It's not as simple as it sounds, though. Everyone in the "Cul-de-sac Crew" forgets to let Bobby in on the secret. And when he finds out, "He is deeply affected by it, and we'll see how it changes him next year," Brian tells us. It's actually a supertouching moment when he finds out.

Greg in Boston: Is there really only one episode of Modern Family left?!
Yessir, but turn that frown upside-down because it's a heck of a sendoff. The ModFam finale will feature big ol' smoocharoo between two series regulars?and this pair is not a couple. Don't worry, it's not as taboo as it sounds. It's actually knee-slapping high-larious...and has been a long time coming!

Will in Iowa: Please tell me there's some good stuff coming up on The Office!
Aside from getting to see Ryan in his geekiest getup of the season, all of this fire-starting-printer nonsense is about to hit the fan, says B.J. Novak, who promises lots of "corporate intrigue" ahead. (Hint: Those printers are on fiyah!) Kathy Bates returns to deal with the Dunder Mifflin-Sabre drama, and poor Andy is stuck in the middle thanks to his testimonial video with Darryl.

Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Community


Sawyer in Princeton, N.J.: What's the what on this week's Community?
It's a battle of beauties in Thursday's Community finale when Lauren Stamile returns as Jeff's ex, Professor Slater, and someone is jealous! Obviously, the aforementioned someone is Britta, who makes it her mission to one-up the teacher attempting to steal her potential boy-toy away. Also, we'll get to see Shirley drunk from a keg stand?go, Yvette Nicole Brown!

Reva in San Diego: Are Jeff and Britta going to make it official now that they've slept together?
Not so fast, slugger. Just because these two participated in a little hanky panky does not mean coupledom is on the horizon. Community show runner Dan Harmon tells us: "The hookup was a hookup. It will affect the future, but the truth is, I've never been too great at planning romance. Just ask my girlfriend, hey-oooooh!"

Julie in Oklahoma City: Have any goods on the 30 Rock finale?
Get ready for more she-male goodness, because Will Forte returns as Jenna's cross-dressing lovah. Hey, a girl always needs a date to a wedding, right?even if it is her male equivalent. Jane Krakowski (Jenna) tells us: "We have a love triangle coming up for the season finale which is fantastic and only 30 Rock could do it and pull it off. It's shocking how much he looks like me!"

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife


Sammy in Bismarck, N.D.: Good Wife, please! Got finale scoop?
I wouldn't want to be Alicia (Julianna Margulies) in the May 25 season ender of The Good Wife, as she has to make the big decision: stand by her man (Chris Noth) as he starts a new political campaign or kick him to the curb and run into Will's (Josh Charles) arms. What's a girl to do? Well, at least we know she'll be making some kind of decision, especially since that Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) will be pushing her to do so.

Jeff in Los Gatos, Calif.: Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV. What do you have for me?
This week's episode starts with the sorriest excuse for a football parade I've ever seen, courtesy of the East Dillon Lions. Coach Taylor dishes out some serious dough for uniforms, which he hides from his wife. Yeah, lying to the Tami Taylor always goes over real well. But at least it leads to awesome scenes between Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. On the bright side, we finally start to see some life from the Lions. Go team!

Joyce in Huntington Beach, Calif.: I'm so happy Chuck got another season! What's ahead?
If you thought The Ring was evil before, things are about to get totally out of control when they  target Casey's daughter again?yep, the one we briefly met a few weeks ago. And once the evil agents discover what Chuck's capable of, it's his supersmart daddio to the rescue. 

Ellen in Boston, Mass.: I cannot stand the wait for the new season of True Blood! Help me out with some scoop, please!
We can't stand it either, sister! But how much more awesome can this show get? How about we let Carrie Preston tell you if they topped last season: "Believe it or not, they did! They just showed us a couple weeks ago the first episode. And it's fantastic," she gushed to us. "We all were like, 'Omigod, this show is so great!'" I'm pretty sure everyone else will be shouting the same thing come June 13. 

Rachel in Columbus, Ohio: I miss True Blood! June 13 is so far away! Can I get some scoop to tide me over?
Sure can. Rutina Wesley gave us the goods on Tara's love life this season: "She's got this vampire love interest supposedly. Some of it's by choice, but a lot of it's not," she teases. "He's tall, dark and handsome, with the emphasis on the dark, dark, dark part." Her man will be played by James Frain, so we can totally get the darkness vibe. As for what's coming up for Tara herself, Rutina spills that she "gets to play with everybody this season," adding that viewers are "going to see Tara all over the place." Can't wait! 

Anna from Los Angeles: Nurse Jackie scoop, please.
Having an addiction is expensive, yo! The pharmacy bills really add up. That's why Jackie finally decides to accept Dr. O'Hara's offer of a loan to start a "school fund" for her daughters, which hubby Kevin has been against from the beginning. And trust, he has not changed his mind on the matter. Oh, and Eddie is coming back to the hospital, even after Jackie told Akalitus that she didn't want him around. You can imagine how pissed this makes our favorite double-life-leading nurse.

?Additional reporting by Megan Masters, Jenna Mullins and Taryn Ryder



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