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Let's face it. Losing Lost sucks! And as the island show that has kept so many of us fully entertained—fully clueless—for six years comes to a close, I'm feeling nostalgic...and oversharey (if it were a word).

All week long, I'm cracking open my sacred Lost hatch vault and sharing some of my favorite moments with Darlton, Josh, Daniel, Matthew, Evangeline, Jorge, Harold, Terry and more! In today's "vintage" video flashback, we're revisiting Lost's first-ever premiere party in September 2004, where I scored my most awesome interview to date: 

Vincent the dog! Arf! Arf! And oh yeah, Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan and the rest of the Lost gang, too. At that point, all Dominic "We Don't Know" Monaghan knew about the monster was that it is "bigger than a dinosaur."(LOL!) Can you imagine what they all would have thought then if they were told it was a "Smoke Monster" that was actually the "Man in Black?"

And now, my first ever visit to the set of Lost (also September 2004). In season one, it was inside a former Xerox warehouse building in Honolulu, and I'll never forget Terry O'Quinn strumming his guitar, or what the PA said over the radio when it was time for my interview with the guy I had long loved as Charlie Salinger: "Matthew, get your pants on and get out here!"

The caves we're standing in, are yes, indeed "the caves," with the corpses of "Adam and Eve," aka the Man in Black and his adoptive mother. (Though of course we didn't know it then. At the time, the Lost crew members would push aside the skeletons during their lunch break to crawl in, lay down and take a nap!)

How adorable are these young'uns? Sigh. Seems like only yesterday...

Sorry, these videos have me feeling all verklempt. Are you guys a little sentimental, too? Well, brace yourselves, because we've got four more days of this goodness. Check back tomorrow for more Lost memories—this time, we break down my many years of stalking these fabulous folks...

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And fret not, Losties—there is Life Beyond Lost.

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