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The Last Real Man in Hollywood

We'll give you a drool-worthy moment to ogle our Final Four before we break down the results from last week's round of the Last Real Man in Hollywood competition.

Hope you enjoyed it, because the studs are dropping like supersexy flies with each vote, and we're sure you already realized there's been a very surprising elimination this time.

Looks like one beau will have plenty more too brood about...

Yep, we were shocked (and totally sad, trust) to see Rob Pattinson get booted in one of our closest vote-offs yet.

Sorry, Team Edward, but it looks like R.Pattz didn't have the bite to take on Hugh Jackman. But to be fair, Hugh is Australian, so he's at a bit of an advantage. There's something in the water that makes Aussie boys so hot, or so we hear.

So let's revisit one more time exactly what defines a real man:

Hotness, of course. But he also needs to maintain an equally killer sense of humor and an utter lack of self-consciousness. In other words, the Last Real Man Standing must be an effortless package of oozing hormonal appeal, which is wholly defined charm, his powerful presence on screen and, then his delish bod, got it?

Also, we must mention, in deference to our dearly (and much beloved) departed Robert, each of the last matches were closer than ever—and we can tell it's totally paining you to ditch dapper dudes like Leo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds, but they can't all win.

So, grab your ulcer medicine and Kleenex because it's getting even tougher—it's now down to four guys, and only two will move on to the finals.

Who will it be?

Will Hugh keep coming back round after round like a boomerang? Or will recently readded (and rightfully so, might we add, as he knocked out top gun George Clooney!) Robert Downey Jr. prove Iron Man is way cooler than Wolverine?

So, get in the mood, vote, and check back Thursday to see which two are going toe-to-toe for the title.

Last Real Man¿Final Four!
Game 5.1
Thanks for playing!
Check back Thursday, May 20 and see if your guy makes it to the Final Two
Game 5.2
Thanks for playing!
Check back Thursday, May 20 and see if your guy makes it to the Final Two
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